This one is the section of hair styles. You will be able to see all the contents relating to new hair styles, those of the famous ones and those hair styles that have gone on to the history. Besides you will enjoy advices on the care of the hair.

Trendy Hair Style

As every year, the new fashionable seasons and gangplanks not only come accompanied from suits, garments and complements, but also from new styles of makeup and hair styles.

The new fashionable season brings with trendy hair styles of the first half of the XXth century, with short, or long cuts of hair, accentuating the femininity or masculinity.
As for the election of the color of the hair, luminous colors will be imposed, with chestnut-colored, red and coppery, and fair subdued tones.

They will take the curls to themselves in the face, and it will be played by the asymmetry in when to hair style refers, obtaining a “chic” and sensual look. The long locks with fringes and toupees, close the principal trends in when to fashionable hair styles it refers.